Saturday, May 30, 2009

Update on Repairs

To start AT&T replaced my Blackberry Bold Free of charge!!!! Thank you AT&T.

I cleaned the house batteries terminals, sprayed the connectors and the terminals with a protective spray to prevent corrosion, and added distilled water to the batteries. That should take care of the batteries for a while.

The parts came in yesterday to repair the window awning. Leah picked up the parts as well as a Winegard Antenna add-on which is supposed to improve HD TV reception.

Today I installed the new torsion assemblies in the window awning and it is now back in working order. This job was much easier than I thought it would be. When it comes time to do the other side, I'll know what I am getting into.

I installed the Winegard antenna add-on, took me about 10 minutes total. This included setting up the ladder, climbing onto the top of the motorhome and attaching the add-on. Now it remains to be seen if it does in fact work better.

I am still waiting to here from the windshield repair place in Frederick to replace the windshield. I will call on Monday to check on the status of the replacement windshield. I hope to have it replaced by Wednesday of next week.