Friday, May 15, 2009

Left Turn Signal and other items to be Fixed

After we got back home, I had several item on the motorhome to repair and adjust.

The first problem was the cover over our slideout was moving forward on the roller. I had to figure out a way to unwind the cover so I could slide the cover back in place. I was able to do this using a box wrench and some nylon rope. I next put some screws in the railing on the side of the motorhome to keep the slideout cover from moving.

I had to order some replacement springs for one of our window awnings. While setting up the motorhome at Holiday Park, Leah told me she could not get the awning all the way down to hook the holding strap. I told her I would look at it. To make a long story short, I pulled on the awning and heard a big noise and the awning came all the way down and would not go back up. I used some wire ties to hold the awning in the rolled up position until I can get the replacement springs.

When we got ready to head home from Waves, NC the left tail light on the toad was still not working. I thought I knew what the problem was as we had had a problem with the right tail light last year and that was the Remco light diodes were blown. Sure enough when I checked the diode case was cracked. I went to an RV repair and parts to purchase a replacement diode. They had some heavy duty diodes for $7.00 each so I decided to replace all four diodes on the toad. After making the diode swaps I tested the lights and found out I still did not have a left turn signal light on the toad. I broke out my Volt Ohm Meter and tested the trailer connection on the motorhome and found no power to the connector pin for the left turn signal. I took the connector apart hoping that I would find a loose connection, but everything was in place and tight. Now what? I started to trace the wiring back to the front of the motorhome and found a connector when the wiring colors going to the front was a different set of colors.

My next step, after spending several hours, was to post my problem on several RV forums sites. Earlier today I got a reply on one of the sites that told me there was a separate set of fuses for the trailer tow wiring harnes located up front to the left of the steering wheel. I located the fuse for the trailer left tail light, pulled the fuse and it was blown. I replaced the fuse and tested the lights. We have a left turn signal again.

Now I have to check out the house batteries.