Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day Weekend in Frederick, Md at the Maryland State Samboree along with 6 other units from our local chapter. The rally started off verry bad for us.

When setting up the motorhome, I did not lower the front leveling jack on the passenger's side which caused the frame to twist when I raised the backend of the motorhome. In the process the windshield on the passenger's side cracked. The drivers side windshield popped out of the gasket by 1/4 inch. but went back into place when I raised the leveling jacks to prepare to come home today. I called the insurance company to get the wheels into motion to raplace the broken windshield. I hope that we can get the replacement installed sometime this week.

Also, somehow, someway, I broke the LCD display on my Blackberry. Now when you look at the display it looks like a tie died shirt. I located a place on the internet, where else, that sells replacement LCD displays for the Blackberry. Until I get the new display, I am limited to incoming calls only on my Blackberry.

Despite all of my mishaps, we still had a very nice weekend with our friends.