Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013- Myrtle Beach

Saturday morning, after our morning walk on the beach,we headed out toward North Myrtle Beach.  As we drove through the Market Commons development we saw a craft/flea market and decided to stop.  It was a benefit for a parochial school.  We walked about the area checking out the stands and the goods being sold.  I bought a cute outfit for our nearly 2 year old Gabi, a "thirty-one" organizer bag and a couple dog treats for the campground dogs.  We then continued our drive to North Myrtle Beach for another festival- Irish-Italian International Festival.  A street was closed off and vendors were on both sides selling all sorts of items.  We did buy a couple items for Christmas.  Moving on, our next stop was for lunch at a Mexican restaurant in that area and finally at Rita's for a gelato.
Sunday we drove south looking for someplace to eat lunch.  We finally ended up in Georgetown.  Several days ago there had been a huge fire in the historic section of this town so we drove to that area.  Quite a few buildings were completely destroyed and there were still some smoldering embers.  In this same area was some restaurants.  We ate at the "Big Tuna" or Old Fish House (apparently both names are used).  Tom and I had the same thing for our meal- gumbo and an oyster po'boy- which were very good.  We walked about the area after eating and just happened to find an ice cream for dessert.  The weather has been just beautiful with temps during the day getting to the low 80's and dropping to the low 60's/ high 50's at night.  Windows are open and the a.c. is turned off.
Today, Monday, our final day here began with seeing 2 couples from our group leaving this morning.  After hugs and wishes of safe travels Woody and Linda Woodruff and Ed and Barb Perry were well on their way. Tom did some outside cleaning and checking of stuff on the motorhome while I finished reading a book.  Life is tough sometimes!!  We then went out for a late lunch at River City Cafe, a restaurant known for burgers.  There are several of these restaurants in this area but we were in Surfside and the restaurant was along the beach with outside dining.  The pigeons were also outside dining.  The burgers were good as advertised.