Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013- Myrtle Beach

Wednesday morning after walking the beach we went out to some of the nearby stores.  Hamerick's is a large store with racks and racks of clothing, a bit overwhelming for me.  I didn't buy any clothes but in the housewares area I picked up a few items.  Orvis is a nice store with good quality sporty clothing- I usually just look but I did find a quilted vest on sale that I bought.  Wednesday night was a rainy night.
Tom was to go golfing early Thursday morning but when we woke up it was still raining and it was questionable but the guys decided to go to the course anyway and as it turned out the rain stopped so the golfing was done.  While he was gone I did take the morning beach walk and then spent time sitting around talking with the other golf widows.  Those of us not golfing decided that tonight we would go out for a seafood dinner as a group.  Time was spent deciding on what restaurant to go to and finally we decided on the "Noizy Oyster".  What a great find that restaurant was.  Crab cakes were some of the best and then we learned the secret- the owner/cook was originally from Maryland (Manchester).  A great meal with good company.  Bruce and Cricket McGinnis had stopped by earlier in the afternoon to visit with everyone.   The McGinnis' were once motorhome owners but recently sold that as their life now in Florida had taken on new interests.
Today, Friday, Tom and I went to a Greek Festival at St. John's Greek Orthodox church.  This festival started yesterday and will continue through Sunday.  We purchased some pastries to bring back to the motorhome- and they were very good.  We ate lunch of chicken gyro, Greek salad and potatoes as we listened to a trio playing and singing Greek music.  Vendors selling an assortment of goods as jewelry, candles, clothing items and food items were in tents around the grounds.  At 1pm we were able to go into the church as the priest gave a talk about the church.  The walls and ceiling of the church were beautifully paint with Biblical scenes.  Today when we walked to the pier at the state park the far end of the pier was roped off to allow only fishermen that were fishing for Mackerel in a tournament but we didn't see any of these fish being caught.  Nearly every evening we see professional photographers taking pictures of families, couples or individuals on the beach by the pier.  One evening a young lady dressed in a wedding gown was having pictures taken with the gown dragging through the surf and sand.