Thursday, January 06, 2011

January 6, 2011

Tom and I are working on getting our lives adjusted to not having Travis.  The pain is still with us but the tears have stopped.  We have worked at keeping busy- idle time was not good for us.  On the 2nd of January, the day of Travis’ early morning death, we got ourselves together and spent the day with Todd, Beth and our grandchildren at Magic Kingdom.  Kids are great therapy in situations like this. 

The 3rd we were on our own as Todd and family flew home so Tom and I went to our favorite park, Epcot, for the day.  The 4th we stayed around the motorhome catching up on some housekeeping chores, not a good day.  The next day (5th) we went to Disney village going through the shops and then having lunch at T-Rex, a unique restaurant with Meteor showers occurring and animated dinosaurs and mammoths similar to the animation in the Rain Forest Cafes. 

Today we spent the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studio.  This is our least favorite Disney park.  It just doesn’t seem to have the spark of the other parks.  A new stunt show involving cars proved to be exciting.  An American Idol show was also new to us. Three shows throughout the day allows 3 people to perform with one selected by the audience to be the winner.  Then a last show has the 3 winners compete and the winner chosen by the audience is given a pass to audition for the real American Idol show.  We have been aware of a large number of foreigners in the Disney Parks.  Often we are surrounded with people speaking foreign languages or English with accents unlike any heard in the U.S.   We are also seeing a lot of older people working in the parks.