Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 20, 2011

Yesterday,Wednesday January 19, we left Robert, Louisiana and travelled west crossing the Mississippi River and lots of swampland into the state of Texas.  We travelled I-10 to south of Houston where we stopped at the Riverbend RV park in Richmond, Texas.   After contacting Bree, my great niece living in Corpus Christi, we decided to travel down to Corpus Christi to see Bree and her husband,Dave.

This morning we continued our travels to Corpus Christi, about 200 miles.  We had called to make reservations at Hatch Campground prior to leaving.  A little past noon we were at our destination.   After setting up and eating a little lunch we went to a grocery store to restock.   I contacted Bree  and we arranged that about 5pm we would go to their place and then go out to dinner together.  We went to a local Mexican restaurant and had a nice dinner and visit together.  Since Dave was facing his first military flight tomorrow and had to really study in preparation we called it an early evening and returned to the motorhome.  It was nice to see Bree and Dave and we hope Dave does well tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will move up to San Antonio to catch I-10 and continue heading west.  We drove through rain today and the temperature was comfortable when we first got to Corpus Christi but the wind picked up and the temperature has been falling.  The prediction is for colder weather for the next several days, sure hope we can get beyond the cold soon.