Saturday, December 12, 2009

Travis' Liver Problems and Family Time

Yesterday morning we had to take Travis down to the Towson area where he had previously been seen by an internist. The internist was to perform a liver biopsy on Travis. It was hard to walk out of that strange place leaving our little buddy behind. Late afternoon we were able to pick him up after the biopsy had been done and he had been observed for a period of time. The biopsy will be sent to Denver and we should know the results by next Wednesday. Travis was very quiet and subdued all evening and night after getting home. We tried to keep him from going up and down stairs and jumping up on the bed or chairs. Today he is beginning to seem more like himself.
We had a December family birthday celebration today. Maddy, our granddaughter, has a birthday on Monday, Beth, our daughter-in-law, birthday is the 23rd and Tom's the 29th. We took everyone to a greenhouse operation that sells pointsettias at this time of the year. Beth is such a lover of plants that we wanted her to get some pointsettias as part of her birthday present. The inventory was beginning to get somewhat low but we were able to find some beautiful plants to decorate our homes. Afterwards we returned back home for lunch and play time with baby Parker. It was a nice family day.