Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting a Late Start

When we got up this morning the ground was snow covered but the temperature was about 34 degrees. We took our time eating breakfast and then preparing to leave. By 9am we were ready to go when Tom noticed that we had a flat tire on the car. Oh,my! Well the spare was put on and we left the campground hoping to find that the local Flying J or Bp stations were equipped to repair the tire. We stopped at the Flying J to fill up with gas but were referred to the Bp station for the tire repair. So it was after 10:30am before we were back on the interstate traveling southwest. We drove through rain all morning. The countryside was not snow covered as it had been yesterday. This was a postive sign for us that we were in warmer areas. The motorhome today was noticeably warmer and more comfortable than yesterday. We traveled through Tennessee stopping at a campground in Chattanooga about 4:30 this evening.
Quietly, we will (or maybe not) see the New Year come in. And tomorrow when all those football games are being played we will be moving down through Alabama after skimming through a corner of Georgia.