Sunday, December 20, 2009

Regrouping After the Storm

A winter storm at this holiday time can really wreck plans. We had been invited to a Christmas party on Saturday evening that was called off and then today (Sunday) we were to have a family get together at my brother, Larry's,that was postponed. Oh my, how to reschedule when so many other things are going on in everyone's life!! Well, the Saturday party may be on Wednesday evening. And after talking with family we will be together during the day Christmas eve at Larry's. It is easy when everyone values being together.
Tom spent several hours this morning with the snow blower cleaning out our driveway and walkways plus a neighbors driveway. According to the report in the paper we had about 17.5 inches of snow, quite a snowfall for this area. Taneytown has not done a very good job of clearing the streets. There were 6-7 inches of snow on the roadways today that I'm sure has gotten icy tonight as the temperature dropped. I hope tomorrow plows get out to clear the streets.