Friday, November 27, 2009

Parker Comes for Thanksgiving!!!


Our grandson, Parker, came to visit us on Thanksgiving Day.  Oh, he also brought his mom and Dad along with his sister and brother.  I guess he needed to bring mom and dad along because he is not old enough to drive and he could not leave his sister and brother home alone.


This year we decided to deep fry the turkey.  We have been hearing for years how good deep fried turkey is so we decided to give it a try as we have the required equipment for the task.

We had looked at various videos on how it was done and felt we were up to the task. After getting the oil hot and slowly lowering the turkey into the hot oil, all we had to do was watch and wait the required amount of time. After removing the turkey, we fried some breaded oysters as well.

From 2009-11-26

As with all thanksgiving meals, we had way too much food and it all tasted great. It just makes us stop and think how blessed we are to be able to have food like this and to share it with our loved ones.

We had a very nice day with Todd, Beth, Maddy, Anthony and Parker and was sorry when it was time for them to make the trip back home.

We hope all who reads this blog also had a very Happy Thanksgiving.