Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tuesday through Friday Catching Up

Somehow I've got a little behind with the blog and now I'm attempting to get it up to date.  Tuesday through Thursday we remained in Traverse City.  We were just biding our time enjoying the campground and tending to some maintenance and housekeeping chores as well as getting prescriptions renewed.  I had a prescription that needed authorization and had overlooked that fact prior to leaving home but it wasn't too much of a problem.  The pharmacist called my doctor and was able to renew the script.

On Wednesday evening we returned to the Cherry Festival for the evenings entertainment which was a Beatles cover band called "1964 The Tribute".  They were very good entertainers and we really enjoyed the concert.  People attending reacted to this group as if they were truly THE BEATLES, standing up most of the time, singing along with the songs and dancing.  And, yet, I would dare say that 75% of the audience were younger than folks our age that call the Beatles music of our era. 

Thursday we went to downtown Traverse City and walked about the shopping area.  There were lots of interesting shops and ,of course, many were selling cherry products- dried cherries, cherry jams and salsas and even cherry ice cream.  Oh, my!

Today, Friday, we packed up and left Traverse City heading south toward Indiana.   Traveling about 150 miles to Muskegon, Michigan we are going to stay here until Sunday.  The campground we are staying is Fisherman's Landing and Campground.  It is located on Muskegon Lake, a pretty area.  As the name implies there are lots of fishermen here with their RV's and their boats.