Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

It rained most of the night and was still raining this morning. Late this morning we struck out for the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. Pierce Stocking was a lumberman in this area that had an appreciation for the beautiful views from the high dunes and developed the scenic drive for others to enjoy. The 7-plus miles has panoramic views of Sleeping Bear Dunes, Lake Michigan and Glen Lake.
From Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

At the Michigan Lake overlook a dune descends 450 feet to Lake Michigan. In spite of signs asking people to remain on walkways and to stay off the dunes there were people walking over the dunes including the extremely steep descent down to the Lake.
From Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

Those people going down the steep grade were finding it difficult,even resorting to crawling on their hands and knees, to return up the dune but there was no alternative. Needless to say folks our age were not attempting such a challenge.
From Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

After leaving the scenic drive we drove into Empire, stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch items and went to the city park on Lake Michigan to eat our lunch. Even though we were in a pavilion, it was a chilly dining experience and really not too enjoyable. Travis has been along with us today. This area is pet friendly for the most part. There are a few places posted that pets are not allowed. This is one of the few National Parks that allow dogs on trails.
At 3pm we were back at the motorhome. The rain has been stopped for a while. The temperature is 59 degrees. According to the weather reports this area is experiencing the coldest temperatures in the lower 48 at this time.