Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hiking Day

Today was a hiking day. We planned to hike two trails, the Beaver Creek trail to Taggart Lake and the trail to Hidden Falls and Insperation Point on the West side of Jenny Lake.

We had hiked about a mile and a half when Leah spotted a Mule Deer watching us. Just a bit further down the trail was a herd of Mule Deer bedded down for the day. The herd watched us as we stopped to look at them and take a few pictures. The herd didn't seem to concerned about our presents as we did not appear to be a threat to them.

The Beaver Creek Trail is the long way to Taggart lake and because of that we only passed two other hikers on the trail. Every one else was taking a shorter trail to Taggart Lake.

The Tetons reflecting in the lake made for a great photo.

After completing the Taggart Lake hike of 4 miles, we drove to Jenny Lake. At Jenny Lake we took a boat to the Western shore to get to the trail heads. The trail was loaded with people as this is the only trail to Hidden Falls and Insperation Point. This was very hard terrain to hike and many persons were not wearing the proper footware and carry any water. We had both and found the trail rough going.