Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teton Mts.

We left Dubois, Wy heading for Jackson, Wy. We stopped at Elk Ranch Flats and took our first real look at the Tetons.

After we got our motorhome setup at the Campground, we went down to Jackson Square to take a picture of the Elk Antler Arches. At 6:oo pm two streets were blocked off and a big song and dance infomercial took place. They were pushing to see a show at a local theater. We did not return any more during our stay as it was no big deal. The town of Jackson is located in the area known as Jackson Hole as it surrounded on all sides by mountains. It has become a year around tourist area. In the Winter time there is the skiing and the rest of the year there is hiking, biking and river rafting.

The prices in the stores reflect a tourist area, but we felt the restaurant prices were very good as was the food we ate.