Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just a Bad Day

Today was just a very bad day. We are on the last leg of our trip back home when bad luck struck.

First off, about 600 hundred miles into the trip, we developed an exhaust leak up around the engine. The leak turned out to be a broken header on the passenger's side. The leak got progressively worse during the trip.

We spent Friday night in Flatbush, WV and early Saturday morning hit the road for home. We made a stop for fuel just West of Cumberland, Maryland and when we tried to start the motorhome, nothing happened when the key was turned. The battery was fine, so that left the starter as the problem.

We called our emergency road service and a tow truck was sent. The driver said there was a Ford garage about 5 miles away and would that be ok to tow it to. We agreed. We followed the tow truck and when we arrived at the lot and got out to unhook the motorhome, that's when we all saw the damage.

Somehow a safety chain got caught in the front end and tore it. The tow truck driver was very upset that this happened and could not understand how this happened. We didn't know either as we were following the tow truck and did not see anything odd take place. We told him don't get too upset as it was just one more thing in an already bad day for us.

The service manager was still at the garage, so we were able to speak to him and make arrangements for the starter to be repaired. We packed a few items in the car, locked the motorhome and dropped off the keys in the garage. We drove the car home without any additional problems.