Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ropa Usada

I forgot to mention that some friends of ours from Maryland are also in Texas Trails. They are the ones who told us that there was plenty of room in the park. They were talking about a place called "Ropa Usada." Leah and I both thought they were talking about a place in Mexico, so we were champing at the bit to go. Well, imagine our surprise when we learned that Ropa Usada translates into used cloths.

Ropa Usadas are big warehouses that have large bundles of used cloths. A fork lift brings a bundle of "Ropas" to an area an dumps it in a pile. People than go sorting these bundles looking for items of clothing. When you have finished searching and are ready to check out, you take your treasures to the register where it is weighted and you pay by the pound.

This is an activity that you would only do once.