Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mexico at Last!

Today is the day that we went to Mexico. We drove our car to Progreso, Texas, parked our car for $1.50 and walked across the bridge into Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. We parked in the USA because we do not have Mexican insurance on our car.

It costs $.25 per person to go into Mexico, but it cost $.30 to return to the USA. A lot of people got caught on the Mexico side of the border without a nickle when the proce was increased.

On the way to Progreso, our windshield was struck and we received a starred windshield. Twenty dollar repair job.

Our friends were in the lead as we made our way through the maze of vendors and shops lining the street. The first shops are dentist and pharmacies. These seem to be used by many Winter Texans. We made our way to a place where for $4.50 a person they have a two hour happy hour with drinks, dancing and a floor show. It was worth the money.

After happy hour, we ate dinner before returning to the USA. Our big purchase of the day was two bottles of Kahlua for $8.75 each. When we crossed the border, we had to pay $1.25 Texas Tax on each bottle. Back in Maryland we can not purchase a single bottle for what we paid for two.

Despite the damaged windshield, we had a nice day.