Friday, March 09, 2007

Hand-Pulled Ferry

After going through the pumphouse in Hidalgo, we drove to the Los Ebanos Ferry. The Los Ebanos Ferry is the only known government licensed hand-pulled ferry on any boundry of the United States

The fare is $.50 per person and $3.00 per vehicle one way.

Once you get over into Mexico, there is a small town about a mile away. Some people take a $5.00 taxi ride into the town to eat and do a little shopping. Some of the campground bike clubs come here and make a day trip bike ride into Mexico.

Leah and I just rode the ferry over and back just to say we did it.

On the US side of the river, there is a little store where you can get a drink, buy a few trinkets and use the bathroom. The men's urnial has a very unique decor. :-)