Sunday, March 25, 2007

Austin, Texas

The first stop on our return trip to Maryland was in Austin, the capitol of Texas. We are staying at the Austin Lone Star RV Resort which is located 5 miles south of Austin.

The fact that it has "resort" in it's name should have clued us in that it was going to be over priced and it was. It costs us $90.00 for two days. The sites are tight and the roads narrow. WIFI Internet access and a two pancake and coffee breakfast are included in the cost.

Anyway, we wanted to see some of Austin. Sunday, after the "free" breakfast we drove into Austin and stopped at the LBJ library. This is a free library on the campus of University of Texas. We toured the exhibits about the great socitity and though many of the laws LBJ pushed for were needed, many others are part of the problem the USA is in today with many government give away programs.

Our next stop of the state capitol building. What a great building this is. We were taken back about how open it is to the public. Every half hour there is a free tour that takes you to various parts of the building. We could not go into the house chambers as there was a reception of some sorts going on. If ever you are in Austin, make certain you visit the capitol.

Our final stop was a late lunch-early dinner and than a walk down 6th street. This is the area that is known for the music scene. We were too early in the evening for the place to be jumping. We decided to call it a day and go back to the motorhome and get ready for Monday's travels to the Dallas area.