Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sumter Oaks, Bushnell, Florida, January 5-7, 2015

Monday, 5th of January, we packed up to move on. Leaving Golden Isle Campground Tom drove the motorhome and I drove the Jeep. Tom wanted to have the motorhome serviced at Speedco just a couple miles away. We were at Speedco by 8:30am and immediately taken into a service bay. Speedco is like JiffyLube for Trucks and RVs- no appointments, open 7 days a week. Actually it took longer than we thought, about 2 hours, but Tom said that servicing the generator seemed to take the longest. When all that was completed we hooked-up the Jeep, stopped at Flying J to refuel and then got back on I-95 to continue south to I-10 and then southeast to Bushnell, Florida. After 214 miles we arrived at Sumter Oaks Campground at 2:50pm. The sun was shining and it was a nice 70-plus degree temperature. Sumter Oaks is a nice, quiet campground with lots of those beautiful southern oak trees that have Spanish moss hanging from their branches. Our campsite is situated that Tom had to back between 2 of those trees to get in to it. We have been told by several other campers here that there is a bug going around the campground causing respiratory problems.

Tuesday, another pretty day in Florida while it was snowing in Maryland, we drove into the town of Bushnell. We needed a couple things from WalMart and the car needed a washing. We also got lunch at the Rojo Coyote Restaurant.

Today, Wednesday (7th), we spent the day in the campground. Our prescription insurance plan changed with the new year so Tom has been on the computer and phone most of the day trying to get everything in line so we are able to order our medications. Some problems still exist but it looks like he is getting closer to getting things lined up. There is a 5th wheel across the road from us that have Westie dogs in a pen. This morning 2 ladies have been out grooming these little dogs. I walked over and talked with them. Both ladies have their own RV and are getting the dogs ready for a dog show nearby that runs Thursday to Sunday this week and the next. One lady has 6 dogs and the other has 7. Perhaps we will have to go to the dog show while we are here. It has been another nice day but is predicted that a change is on the way with colder temperatures by nighttime.