Thursday, January 29, 2015

Relocated to Orlando Thousand Trails- January 27-29, 2015

Tuesday morning (27th) we prepared to leave Wildwood which took us somewhat longer than usual.  We had been parked under southern oak trees for 2 weeks during which leaves were constantly falling on the motorhome.  So before we were able to bring in the slides the awning toppers had to be swept off.  Anyway we got away about 10:15am and drove 50 miles to Clermont where Orlando Thousand Trails is located.  We had a little wait at the registration area for a site to become available but we were in our site by noon.  This site is not under trees which is good for television.  The past 2 campgrounds we were under trees blocking our satellite and we could get only one major TV station, several Hispanic stations and other rinky-dink stations.  Unfortunately, we only have a 30-amp site- 50 amp sites are far and few between.  These membership parks do not put any more money into upgrades then is positively necessary.  Friends, Joan and Buddy Redman, are also here.  After lunch we visited with them for awhile.  The sun is bright but it is cool- temperatures reaching the low 60's but dropping to 40 degrees at night.

Wednesday (28th) we walked about the campground trying to figure out the maze.  It is really a confusing campground layout with campsites of a multitude of sizes.  We do have a very spacious site.  Joan and Buddy are squeezed between 2 other RVs.  In the evening as I was drawing water from the kitchen faucet the water stopped.  Tom went out to check and found that our water pressure regulator was the problem and needed to be replaced.  So off to Walmart we went and were able to get a new regulator. Problem solved.  Another cool day much like Tuesday.  The motorhome warms up well during the day with the bright sun.  We leave the heat off all night but by morning it is right chilly (50's) inside so we then turn on our furnaces, jump back in bed and wait for the motorhome to warm up.

Thursday (29th) I did a couple loads of wash this morning and then we went out for lunch at Oakwood Smokehouse in Clermont. We had gone to an Oakwood in Wildwood a couple weeks ago.  Oakwood is a favorite barbecue restaurant of ours in Florida. Today we had ribs- good, fall off the bone ribs.  Another stop at Walmart for some cleaning supplies and washers for water hoses.  And then the last stop at a car wash to get the road dirt off the Jeep.  Much warmer day today that we were able to sit outside late this afternoon until about 5pm when it began to cool down.  And we are hearing that it is snowing again at home.