Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Life on the Beach Continues- September 16, 2014

We continue to enjoy life here in Myrtle Beach. The weather is changing. The first week and half was really hot and humid. Then this past weekend there were clouds and rain. Today there was some sun but clouds drift in and out throughout the day. Tom and I continue to walk the beach usually twice a day- morning and evening. This past weekend we were on the pier at the state park (our walk destination)and saw fishermen catch a shark that was 4-5 feet long. Sharks are not allowed to be kept so this one was cut loose before bringing up on the pier.
Last week another couple, Bob and Dotty Daniels, arrived after dealing with a family emergency. Ed and Barb Perry took a little trip from the campground leaving their motorhome here as they helped a granddaughter to move from Richmond, Va. to Jacksonville, Fl. They left Sunday morning and returned today- a lot of miles in a short time. Bill and Rita Fordham and John and Michelle Laudidio are in the area as of Saturday staying in a rental condo for a couple weeks. Tomorrow evening we will all go out to eat to celebrate Rita's birthday.