Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Continuation of Life as Beach Bums- September 23, 2014

Our life on the beach continues. The weather is changing. We have had some rainy days- today is probably the rainiest as it has rained all day. When it rains the ducks and Canadian geese waddle through the campground occasionally stopping to float about a water puddle. It is also cooler- with the rain today temperatures have not gotten out of the 60's. One evening after a shower of rain a complete beautiful rainbow appeared. What a treat to see this.
Tom and I keep ourselves occupied with our walks twice a day, when it is not raining, along the beach. Tom has gone golfing a couple times. When he golfs several of us get together to sit around and talk and then go out to lunch. Over this past weekend Bruce and Cricket McGinnis, former Traveling American members that are now in Florida, came up to this area to spend a couple days with this group. Bruce and Cricket no longer have an RV so they were staying in a hotel.
One morning as Tom and I were walking along the beach we saw 4 or 5 baby turtles making their way into the ocean. The poor little things would get into the surf and would then be pushed up the beach but eventually they must have made it into the deeper water to swim away.
From South Carolina
This past Sunday Tom and I went south to the town of Georgetown. Last year when we were here there was a big fire along the wharf. Slowly clean-up of the area is being done. We had lunch at the Old Fish House eating outside on the rustic patio.
Today with the nasty weather we drove north to Calabash, N.C. just over the state line from S.C. We like to eat at a restaurant, Ella's. They have very good oyster stew and other seafood. Calabash is well-known for seafood as many shrimp and other fishing boats dock here.
We are starting our final week here. Time goes fast when we are having fun. The weekend ahead has several festivals that will probably keep us busy.