Sunday, July 06, 2014

Shopping and Dining, Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our ventures on this day took us first to the little town of Bird-in-Hand where we went to a small Farmer’s Market.  This market is unlike most markets in this area.  There are few Amish merchants and fewer fresh vegetables, fruits and meats.  Moving on, we came to the bustling community of Intercourse.   The Intercourse Canning Company store as the name implies has canned goods, many pickled items and jellies and jams.  Samples of the products are out so one can easily eat their way through this store.  On this day the salsa products (and there were quite a variety) were being promoted and offered at a dollar off per jar.   Kitchen Kettle is a touristy shopping area that emphasizes “strumming and jamming”.  In a shady central location on this day there was a group of four elderly musicians entertaining with their instruments and singing voices. 
From Pa 2014

 There are all kinds of shops many selling goods that is from this area as quilts and fabrics, jellies and jams and candy as well as a Christmas shop and home decorating shops.  While in the Christmas shop  was celebrating “Christmas in July” prize drawings were being done and Tom won a box of Christmas cards.
Venturing on, we drove to the town of Lititz.  We were at this time more than ready for a late lunch.  We ate at the Bull Head Public House in the outside patio.  It was such a beautiful day with bright blue skies and comfortable temperatures that dining outside was a real pleasure.  We both had burgers with sweet potato fries, good food.  We walked along the street stopping at the Chocolate Café, a place designated as a must see and specializes in sweet treats and chocolate drinks.  We each had a piece of salty caramel covered in dark chocolate ($3.89 for the 2 pieces, pricey).  We walked through a couple other shops before returning to the car and going back to the campground.  It was a nice day but there were many other folks out enjoying the day also.