Monday, July 07, 2014

Reading, Pa. and Water Heater, Monday, July 7, 2014

Today we decided to go to Reading, Pa. for some outlet shopping. I wanted to go to the Easy Spirit store to look for shoes. I found the shoes that I would have liked to buy but not in my size so I struck out there. We then went into some of the other clothing stores and both of us ended up buying a couple shirts/blouses. The day was hot and the humidity was rising so we soon called it a day for shopping. We did stop for lunch on our way back to the campground.

About 10 days ago we experienced our tankless hot water heater not producing hot water. Tom called a technician that diagnosed the problem with a faulty thermister. The tech talked Tom through a procedure of bypassing the problem and giving us hot water until a replacement part could be gotten. Last Monday, a week ago from today, Tom called and got the replacement thermister ordered to be sent to this campground by priority mail. It was to arrive here by Wednesday or Thursday last week. When we checked in on Wednesday Tom informed the staff that we were expecting a priority mail package. Checks were made in the office on Thursday (Friday was a holiday) and then again on Saturday. We were told that nothing had arrived. We even suggested looking in the D and B boxes as well as the V, our name often confuses people where the last name starts. This morning Tom called the sender to let him know that we had not received the part. The sender did some checking and said that the package had been delivered here on July 3rd at 10 something in the morning. Tom had called the campground while we were in Reading with this information but they still insisted it was not here. When we returned to the campground this afternoon we went to the office again looking for this package. One gal, Stacey, in the office that I took to be the manager insisted that we needed to get them the name of whoever signed for the package and didn't seem to have any sense of being responsible for where this package could be. Another gal, Susan, immediately, began making phone calls to a neighboring business, as well as, tracking the package with the tracking number. And still no package was found. Tom returned to the motorhome and called the local post office and then called the office to inform them of this. Well, lo and behold, the package had been found and would be delivered to us. The gal delivering the package said that it had been found in the B box so much for the one that supposedly checked on Thursday. Within 15 minutes Tom had the part installed and the water heater working as it should.