Sunday, November 03, 2013

Final Campout of the Year - Sunday November 3

Well it is Sunday evening and the final campout for the year is over.  Friday more Traveling Americans came into the park with a total of 16 rigs and 37 people.  This was a great turnout but then the last campout usually is well attended.  On Friday evening we went out as a group to Waterman's Seafood Company Restaurant- we had reservations and the restaurant accommodated us well even though they were very busy with other customers.
Saturday morning started with breakfast prepared by the hosts- Larry and Joanne, the Fordham's and us.  It was quite a large group but we had plenty of food- biscuits and sausage gravy, baked oatmeal, egg casserole, potatoes and fruit.  Tom was still a little light-headed but he felt up to going along with Larry and Joanne and me to Deal Island to see their house that they purchased this year on the island.  A nice home in a good location for easy access for Larry to get his boat in the water for fishing in the bay.  Saturday evening we had a potluck dinner with Joanne providing chicken barbecue and I made pulled pork.
This morning we woke up to a time change as time fell back an hour to standard time.  The group gathered for a potluck breakfast with a nice varity of breakfast foods.  After a club meeting the group broke up and many began packing up and heading home.  We are staying another night along with Linda and Ken Rouzer and Art Welsh.  We have spent a fairly quiet day watching racing and football on TV and cleaning out cupboards of things that would freeze.  Tom will winterize the motorhome after we get home to prevent any damage from freezing weather.  Tom continues to feel much better and feels he will be ready to drive the motorhome home tomorrow.  We had offers of help to get us home-  Bill Fordham who also has a Phaeton motorhome offered to return tomorrow to drive our motorhome home,  John Rush offered to come along with Bill and Larry and Joanne has offered to be at the house to help us to get this thing in the driveway.  Such great people that we travel with!!  Hopefully, we will be able to go as we have and not need the help.