Friday, March 22, 2013

Visiting in Tucson- Thursday, March 21, 2013

This morning after breakfast we drove out in the Jeep in search of Camping World.  According to the pamphlet from the RV Park, Camping World was in a new location but after going to the “new location” and not finding a Camping World we check further and found that it is in the same location next to Lazy Days.  Returning the wiper blades that did not fit our motorhome the clerk told us that Camping World would be moving to the location that we had gone to in the future.  We then went to a Lowe’s to get a replacement for the kitchen sink faucet since the present one is has a big leakage problem.

Returning back to the motorhome, I attended to some laundry and then we were off  to visit with my cousin Patty and her husband, Braxton.  Rather than traveling the main roads to their house we drove across Gates Pass road that goes across the mountain, a very scenic and less hectic drive.

From 2013-03-22
  We had planned to go out to lunch but when we got to their house they had prepared a nice picnic lunch to eat on their patio area by their pool.  The weather was just perfect for sitting outside enjoying good food and good conversation.  It was a most enjoyable afternoon.  We return back towards the campground making a stop at a CVS store and then on the Gates Pass road we stopped to take a few pictures at an overlook.
From 2013-03-22
  Closer to the campground we stopped at Tiny’s , a local restaurant, to get a bite to eat for supper. 

Tomorrow we plan to move on.  Thus far,  there have not been any wind that we feel could be a problem.