Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quartzsite, Arizona- March 22, 2013- Friday

We got an earlier start today (don’t know why, just happened) and by 8:20am we were leaving Justin’s Diamond J RV Park going west on I-10.  After the past 2 days being overcast with clouds, today was a bright and sunny.  Driving along about 11:30am we heard a horn beeping.  Tom immediately thought someone was trying to get his attention that something was wrong.  About that time the beeping car, a green Prius, passed us and folks were waving.  It was Patty and Braxton that we had visited with yesterday.
From 2013-03-23
  We knew that they were going to California to visit a son and his family but didn’t dream that we would see each other on the highway.  Of course, they were soon well on their way ahead of us.  We had thought about going to Blythe, Ca. tonight but when I called to be sure they had room they said they were full.  We had stopped in Quartzsite to refuel before going into California and decided we would just stay in this area.  So we checked into the Holiday Palms RV Park, a very nice campground.  Once before we had stayed in this area but we were camping with a group out in the dessert during the very active January time.  At this time of the year it is much less hectic  here.  The drive from Tucson was 258 miles. 
We have not done much planning for this trip as far as exactly where we will be going in California and how long we will be staying at various places.  We thought that we would stay here in Quartzsite for 2 nights to for us to do a some planning. 
Late in the afternoon Tom decided to install the new kitchen faucet.  So like every project (so it seems) after getting the old torn out, he realized that he needed to go to a hardware store for something to complete the job.  This time he needed water line extenders.  So we went to the local hardware store and sure enough they didn't have what was needed.  So off to Blythe, Ca., 22 miles away,  when we located the Ace hardware store it was 6:02pm and they were closed.  A young man was pushing carts back to the store so we asked him if anyway for us to purchase something from the store.  He first said that they were closed but with more persuasion he said he would ask his supervisor and by luck Tom got the necessary parts.  Returning to the motorhome the job was completed and a late dinner was eaten- and no more leaking faucet.