Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011 Illinois to Indiana

The sun was shining when we got out of bed this morning but it was really cold- temperatures in the 20’s.   Brrrrr- let’s get back to the southwest!  No, we had to keep going east.  The snow that fell yesterday had been a wet snow and then during the night the temperatures dropped causing  icing under the snow.

The awning over our slide out had ice under the snow that prevented the slide-out from being pulled in.  Tom used brooms to try to move the snow and ice and finally we got the slide in.  The awning did not coil up as tightly as it should but well enough to travel.  The roads were clear of snow.  The snow along the roadsides hung in the trees and covered the ground most of the way through Illinois.

We followed a trucker that had a sign on the back of his truck that he would throw things at tailgaters- we weren’t tailgating but he still threw ice from his roof of his truck.

We stopped for lunch in Terre Haute, Indiana at a Mexican restaurant, Real Hacienda, that had very good food.  Tom had carnitas, a pork dish, and I had camarones a la Diablo,a hot, spicy shrimp dish.  We had parked in a vacant lot across from the restaurant.  When we returned to the motorhome after eating we put our slide-out out and then retracted it with the awning coiling up tightly as it is supposed to do.  We are camped north of Indianapolis at Timberline Valley RV Park, just off I-69, a very neat, well maintained Passport America park.  Just before getting to the campground we realized that we had crossed from Central time to Eastern time and lost an hour.