Monday, August 09, 2010

Some Statistics on the Alaska Trip

Finally I've taken the time to figure up the cost of motorhome gas and campground fees. Total camping costs were $1893.43 for 79 nights although 14 night did not cost anything (these were the nights we spent at the Newmar factory and at Outdoor World in Illinois). The average cost per night based on 65 nights was $29.13. In 2002 we paid an average of $16.59 per night. We did return to some of the same campgrounds and the costs were nearly double. Cottonwood campground in Destruction Bay, Yukon Territory costs $15.60 in 2002, this year $30.00- now this campground is in a beautiful location along Lake Kluane but this price only got you a site with 20amp electric, nothing more, we even had to carry our trash as they had no receptacles for disposing as they didn't want to attract bears.
Seward, Alaska, we stayed both times in the city park along the water. 2002 it cost us $40.00 for 4 nights of dry camping, this year it was $60.00 for 3 nights of camping but we did have water and 30 amp electric 1 night-$15.00 per night for dry camping and $30.00 for the hook-ups.
Our gas costs also nearly doubled from 2002. This trip our gas for the motorhome cost $5034.62- in 2002 the cost was $2656.85. We traveled 10920 miles on this trip in the motorhome and in 2002 we traveled 10747 miles. In 2002 we averaged $1.73 per gallon. I did not average our cost per gallon on this trip. At Junction 37, Yukon Territory the price for gas was almost $5.00 per gallon, the highest price that we paid.
We traveled in the motorhome 47 days averaging 232.34 per travel day. The day with the highest mileage was 344 miles when we had to go further than anticipated for a campground in the Calgary, Alberta area. The shortest day of travel was 6 miles when we took the ferry from Haines to Skagway, Alaska- that ferry ride saved us 350 miles of land travel.