Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Weekend in Paradise - Stream!

Last Thursday we left Taneytown and headed for the hills of Pennsylvannia. And the hills we went over- wow! The scenery was just beautiful even for a cloudy day. From Gettysburg to Carlisle we went through rolling hills of fruit orchards. From Carlisle to Loysville we traveled over mountains with steep grades and lots of curves. The views were spectacular even if the ride was more thrilling than we really like in a motorhome. But safely we arrived at Paradise Stream Campground in one piece- even after missing the turn into the campground and in our attempt to turn around having to unhook the car from the motorhome.
Thursday remained overcast and gray but the rain held off until later in the night. We were one of 4 units from Traveling Americans camping group that had arrived a day early for the weekend campout. Drew and Marti Moehlau, the fulltimers in the club, were back east after a 2 year stint traveling around the west. It was good to see these friends looking so good.
Friday it rained all day. It was even hard getting Travis outside to do his thing. But there is something to be said for raindrops falling on the roof of an RV, it's almost as good as a tin roof. Paradise Stream campgound is in an area of Amish farms. The surrounding towns are small and offer few options for eating out. There is a small diner in Loysville that we ate lunch on Friday. The place was quite busy and the food not to bad at all. By 5pm most of the camping group had arrived so we assembled in a clubhouse along with another Good Sam group from Frederick to share appetizers. After topping the appetizers off with ice cream from the camp store our bellies were full.
Saturday morning we awoke to a beautiful clear sunny day. The camp hosts provided a continental breakfast and for dinner we had a pot luck meal again with the Frederick club. After dinner our group circled around a campfire for the evening.
Sunday, another gorgeous day, started with a pot luck breakfast. There is always such a variety of foods. Taking our time we broke up camp and headed towards home about noon. Going home we did travel a different route that did not have the curves as the one on Thursday.
Now this week is a busy time for us. The Taneytown Firemen's carnival is going on and Tom is busy helping at lunchtime and we both help in the evenings in the fried chicken stand. The motorhome needed to be serviced in preparation for our trip to the midwest next week so this morning it was taken to the local Ford dealer. Sure hope Ford stays in business, it is so convenient for our local Ford dealer to do service for us. We are having our walkways replaced with stamped concrete and this is the week that is being done. Not to mention that Travis had to go to the groomers today and I have 2 doctors appointments later this week. Have to get things done before going away for several weeks.