Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to the Family Reunion

This morning we finished loading the motorhome and left a little after 8 am. It was a very good day for traveling. The sun was not too bright and we did not run into very much rain along the way.

Last year we got an EZ-Pass to use when traveling toll roads. It still feels like we are running thru the toll booths without paying. The Ohio Turnpike is behind the times and is still using the ticket only method. Later this year they are going to install the EZ-Pass equipment. We'll see if that happens.

We stopped for gas at the first service plaza in Ohio. They were having problems with the gas pumps not staying online, so we were unable to fill the gas tank. We decided to go to the planned campground stop for the night and get gas at the next service plaza which is only 15 miles from where we get back on the turnpike.

We are just off of exit 209 at the Ridge Ranch Campground. We have stopped here twice before on our way to Fayette, Ohio. At our age, it is far enough to drive for one day.

They have free wi-fi at the office, but not back in the campground sites. I purchased a Jefa Tech Wi-Fi Repeater and an external antenna after the problem we had at Ocean Waves Campground with Wi-Fi service. I first tried the repeater with the small inside antenna, but was not successful in getting a signal. Next, I setup the external antenna and kept my fingers crossed when I fired up the repeater and the laptop. I went thru the setup steps to survey for wi-fi hotspots and sure enough, there was Ridge Ranch Campground's wi-fi signal. I made the necessary changes to the configuration and we were able to get on the internet from the motorhome.