Monday, January 12, 2009

Leah's Mother Died

Today we received a call from our minister informing us that mom was not doing very well. She has been in the hospital for the last nine days and he felt her condition was worsening.

We called Leah's doctor to see if it was alright for her to go to the hospital to visit her mother. The doctor said it was fine to do so. As soon as we go that word, we got ready and went to Carroll Hospital Center.

When we arrived, we found mom to be in very very poor condition. Our minister, Leah and I spent all afternoon with mom before going home. We left the hospital with the feeling that mom would not make it through the night. At 6:15 pm we received a call from the hospital that mom had died. Leah and I went back to the hospital and waited to meet her brother in the lobby. After he arrived we all went to her room and paid our last respects.

Mom was 91 years old. We will lay her to rest on Friday 1/16/09.