Saturday, January 03, 2009

Good Day Today

When I left Leah at the hospital last night, we were fairly certain she would be allowed to come home today. On my way to Baltimore, I got a phone call from Leah letting me know that she was going to be discharged today, but she could not get dressed until I arrived.

After being messed around for several hours, Leah was released to come home. Because of the type of surgery she had, she had to ride in the back seat in case I had an accident and the airbags deployed.

The first thing Leah asked for was a soft boiled egg and toast. She said it was the best food she had eaten all week. As good as the hospital is, the food there sucked. I hope that the hospital will improve this area in the future, but my guess is they will not.

It sure is good to have Leah home again.