Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Glad to see 2008 end

Boy oh boy, are we ever to see 2008 end. Our son, Todd, had his cardiac problem in November. Leah's mother fell and broke her hip on 11/22/08 and Leah had open heart surgery on 12/30/08. And before I forget, I got another year older on 12/29/08.

Todd seems to be doing just fine and can not wait to get back to full time work and driving. Mom had her hip repaired on 11/24/08 and is now in rehab at a local nursing home.

Leah's surgery went well and she is coming along well. She was moved from cardiac icu to a step-down unit. We are hoping she will be allowed to come home this weekend. It looks like she has about 3 months of recuperation time ahead.

So far, knock wood, I am still going strong.

We hope everyone has a good 2009!