Monday, January 14, 2008

Mom's Funeral

We took 2 days to make the trip to Northwestern Ohio since we didn't leave Maryland until late afternoon. We stayed in Findlay, Ohio along with my cousin and her husband at the same motel.

On Tuesday we went to Deshler, Ohio for the viewing where many family members come and spend most of the afternoon and evening with us. We talked about many good times and traded funny stories to honor a woman who lived 81 years.

The funeral was held on Wednesday afternoon and mom would have liked how everything was handled at the funeral home. At the grave site it was a different story. During the graveside services, my sister said that the grave was in the wrong location.

My sister said that mom came to her the night before in a dream and told her that they would try to bury her in the wrong site. Sure enough, they did. The records at the cemetery were very poor and they tried to bury mom along side of her mother instead of beside dad. They got things taken care of and mom is now resting beside dad.