Friday, August 18, 2006

Long Trip Home

Hi, my name is Travis and I am a Bichon Frise. You know, one of those cute little curly white dogs. This blog will cover my travels in my motorhome and some of the adventures that Tom and Leah, my daddy and mommy, will have with me.

I just learned about this blog site and the software from Jim and Chris Guld while attending the FMCA International Convention held at Lowe's Speedway in Charlotte, NC. Thanks Jim and Chris for the great computer seminars you gave. If you would like to see their seminar handouts please go to

Everyone had a good time at the FMCA Convention. Tuesday evening held abit of excitement for Tom and Leah along with about 3,000 other attendees. The Nelson Twins were the entertainment for the evening. About 3 songs into their set, it started to rain. Everyone took shelter under the grandstands. Good idea, but the skies opened up and it poured and the grandstands started leaking. Almost everyone took additional shelter in the nearest bathroom ignoring the men and women signs. The shuttle buses came to take people back to their motorhomes. It was a wet, soggy and the bus windows were fogged up. The bus Tom and Leah got on stopped short of the normal stop and they had to walk in water up to Leah's knees. They got back to the motorhome soaked to the skin and changed into dry clothes. The rest of the convention went off without a hitch.

As the schedule stands now, I will be going to Williamsburg, Va. over labor day weekend.