Thursday, August 24, 2006

Broken Towbar

Two weeks ago on August 8th we went to a FMCA Newmar prerally in Marion, NC. We pulled into Tom Johnson's Rally Park and found where our group was meeting. The person doing the parking told us to pull up and unhook our towed car. When Tom went to pull forward he felt a snap and something did not feel right. He looked into the rearview monitor and saw the car moving towards the motorhome. We stopped and got out to look and sure enough the towbar had broken at the shank where it attaches to the receiver. Lucky for us the safety cables did their job, but the breakaway switch did not. No damage was suffered on either the car or the motorhome. Someone was really looking out for us. We "finished" unhooking the car and was directed to our campsite.

The next morning Tom and Leah walked over to the Blue Oxx Trailer and told them we had a slight problem with out towbar. They had already heard and was going to come looking for us after they got setup. They took down all of the information and the campsite number and said they would have someone make repairs shortly. Later that day Ray came and took the towbat to fix it. After several hours he brought it back with all new steel parts.

Ray said that he was going around to all of the motorhomes and looking for the same model towbar that we had to make the same repairs before theirs also failed. It was too bad ours broke before Ray got to replace the week parts. There was not charge for the rerpairs.