Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Great Ocean Road, January 31, 2017

We signed up to go on the Great Ocean Road tour today, an optional tour.  By 8am we had been picked from the hotel and taken to a central area to be assembled with folks from other hotels going on this tour.  The Great Ocean Road is a coastal road south of Melbourne.

This area along this road had communities that most of the houses were vacation rentals.  The views along this road were beautiful with sandstone cliffs, sandy beaches and blue water. 

 We made several stops along the way.  At one stop just passed an area that had a forest fire we saw a koala sound asleep up in an eucalyptus tree, koala are nocturnal.

There also were king parrots that would land on people that held out hands with pumpkin seeds.

 A kookaburra bird was also heard then seen sitting on utility wires.  An area called the 12 Apostles  because of the sandstone formations that were a result of the ocean wearing away the sandstone was very scenic. 

 We had lunch at Apolla Bay, a small area of several restaurants and a few shops.  On the trip going back to Melbourne we passed many farms of either dairy cattle or sheep.  We were back to the hotel about 8:25 pm.  A long  enjoyable day of sightseeing along the coast.