Sunday, March 01, 2015

Rain and Kevin Costner- February 27- March 1, 2015

Friday, February 27th, was a cold, cloudy day for Florida.  Temperatures did not get out of the 50’s and it was breezy.  We started to walk and needed to come back to the motorhome to get warmer clothes before continuing with the walk.

Saturday was another day of miserable weather.  We woke up to rain and the rain continued all day, although it was warmer than the previous day (60’s).  We had purchased tickets for the Kevin Costner and Modern West concert at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City that was scheduled for 7:30pm.  Since Plant City is west of our location we were hoping that the rain would be stopping in that area in time for the concert.  We left the motorhome about 3pm.  We went to a restaurant in Kissimmee, Chuy’s, for an early dinner before heading to Plant City.  The rain continued through our travels but after getting to Plant City and parking the rain slacked off.  We walked about the grounds in rain coats checking our the numerous vendors.  A must do at this festival is to get strawberry shortcake.  After paying $4.00 each we went through a line getting a dish with a choice of cake or biscuit (we choose the biscuit) and continuing huge bowls of sliced strawberries and whipped cream are set out for everyone to serve themselves and then a whole strawberry is plopped on the top.  The concert stadium was totally outdoors.  As we entered the stadium we were given some paper towels to dry off the seats.  We had also brought seat cushions along.  The concert started with clips of Kevin Costner’s movies shown on jumbotron screens.  Kevin Costner and Modern West performed for about an hour and half with Costner singing and playing the guitar.  All songs were originals except for the last one.  He is not the best singer but he is a good entertainer.   The rain held off until near the end when there were some sprinkles.  All in all it was a good concert.  Driving back to the campground we encountered rain most of the way back.

Sunday, March 1, stared out being another cloudy day but became clearer during the afternoon.  It was also much warmer with temperatures reaching the 80’s.  We spent most of the day in the campground.  We did go out for lunch at the Crooked Spoon which calls itself a “gastropub”- fare was salads, sandwiches and limited entrees.  Food was good but we thought expensive – $12.00 for burger served with chips.