Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Visiting Friends and Sebring- February 15-18, 2015

Sunday, the 15th of February, we spent mostly in the campground. We did go into Wauchula for a late lunch at a Barbecue Restaurant that had some pretty good pulled pork. It was a nice day with temperatures getting into the 70's.

The warm temperatures continued through Monday. We visited friends in Live Oak campground south of Arcadia in the afternoon. There are 3 couples that we know from our Maryland camping club, Traveling Americans, that spend their winters in this park- John and Judy Rush, Buck and Pat Miles and Bob and Dottie Daniels. We all congregated by the Rush's campsite and had an enjoyable afternoon catching up on our lives. John and Judy have adopted a new dog since being down here so we got to meet "Prince Charles". Tom won second place at Texas Hold'em.

Tuesday we drove east to the town of Sebring. We stopped at the Road Course track and watched as several sports cars were racing about the track. A little noisy but those cars were really speeding through the track.
This town is located around a lake, which we drove around. We did find a good old Mexican restaurant, San Jose Restaurant, that was situated on the lake. We had lunch at this restaurant eating on the outside screen enclosed porch. Perfect weather for being outside. Clouds moved in during the afternoon and by evening we were having showers of rain. I have been working on a quilt and tonight I finished the quilting part of it. Now when we get home I just need to put the binding around the edge and it will be done. Most of the quilting I had done at home and finished the outer edges since being on the road. Tom played Texas Hold'em but didn't win tonight.

The rain continued during the night but by Wednesday morning the sun was shining. A cold front is again moving down into the area keeping the temperatures in the low 60's. Don't know what happened to us but we did not get up until almost 10am. We have never stayed in bed that late but then we hadn't planned on doing much today. Tonight it is predicted to be cold for this area. We are not complaining as the weather at home has been really cold (low digit temperatures).