Thursday, June 06, 2013

Second Day in Bay 6, Thursday, June 6, 2013

Again today we were in Bay 6 with Tony, the RV tech.  The goal today was to find the source of a noise in the front of the motorhome on the passenger side.  We have been hearing this noise for sometime and it has been getting more noticeable, especially on rough roads.  First thing we along with Tony went out on a test ride in order for him to hear the noise.  Then he tried tightening up the window shades  and added some caulking and another test drive and the noise continued.  Tony consulted with cabinet experts and they went out on a test drive  applying some additional screws in the cabinets in that area but that was not the answer.  So more coverings were removed in that corner and then Tony’s boss went along for a test ride and found a metal frame was the cause of the noise.  The 2 guys that do wind shield replacement got involved.  More test drives.  The metal frame causing the problem should have had 5 screws securing it in place but there was only 1 screw which the head was no longer on.

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  Trying to figure out how to put screws in place was a problem and thought perhaps the windshield may need to be removed in the morning.  But after much trying they finally were able to get the screws in place.  A last test drive confirmed that the problem was solved.  We were at last finished and would be able to leave and the workday had ended for the Tiffin workers.  We are staying tonight and will leave in the morning.