Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 6-8, 2013 Panama Canal Cruise

Sunday (6th) after getting up we went to the Fitness Center for our morning workout and then had breakfast.  This was our pattern for most mornings.  During the night we had another time change from Mountain to Central time.   About 1pm we arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The ship was docked at the pier.  Again we had not chosen to take any tours but just walked about the local area.  There was a nice mall close by that we walked about but our last stop was at a Wal-Mart.  We wanted to get some cokes to have in our room and knew that we could get a couple of six packs in Wal-Mart- other places sold cokes individually.  Many street vendors out trying to sell their wares.  We returned to the ship and caught the football games on the TV.  The ship left port at 8pm after our dinner and before the entertainment.
Monday (7th) was a day at sea.  We attended two seminars during the day.  "Uncle Marty" Harrington gave the first of 5 talks he would do on the cruise about Panama leading up to going through the canal.  Dr. Connie Soja gave a talk on the Reefs of the Mexican Riviera.  We particicpated in a golf tournament(?) in one of the lounges in the afternoon.   In the evening 2 people were removed from the ship as we neared Acupulca due to illness.  Word was passed about Norovirus and santization procedures were stepped up.  Purell dispensers were everywhere throughout the ship and as we entered the dining rooms a wait staff dispensed the Purell.  We now could no longer serve ourselves in the buffet lines or pour our drinks, this had to be done by ship staff. The nights entertainment was a comedy impressions act, Kimika.
Tuesday (8th) started out with some excitement as we were eating breakfast in the Spa dining room.  The ships horn sounded and then the ship listed, the plates flew off the counter, the dining room staff ran to the windows forgetting the broken dishes.  Tom also checked it out and saw a small fishing boat that was in the way of the ship.  No collisions occurred.  The second "Uncle Marty" Panama talk was given this morning.  And another golf tournament in a lounge in the afternoon.  This was another sea day.  The dining was formal on this evening.  The nights entertainment was Jack Walker, a singer from Scotland.