Monday, November 05, 2012

Weekend at Whaleyville- Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thursday, after Hurricane Sandy, we again left home to go to Whaleyville, Maryland to Fort Whaley campground for a weekend with the Traveling Americans.  This is our last campout for the club for this year.   There were others in the group that also came in early for the weekend.  As a group we went to a local restaurant, Station 7, for the Thursday night burger specials. 
Friday Tom and I drove down to Ocean City and walked down the boardwalk.  It was evident that the beach had been hit by a hurricane.  Sand was packed up against the sea wall along the boardwalk and backhoes and bulldozers were being used to move the sand out on the beach.  We noticed that some shops had water markings on the store front about 18 inches high.  Friday evening again as a group we went to another local restaurant, Doyle's, for dinner.
Saturday started with a pancake breakfast provided by our hosts.  After breakfast, Tom and I went to Salisbury to the mall.  It was a cloudy, dreary day.  In the evening we assembled for a pot luck supper with the hosts providing fried chicken for the entree and everyone else bringing sides and desserts.
Today Sunday we had a pot luck breakfast and then our weekend activities as a club ended.  Some folks went home and others like us are staying until tomorrow and a few are staying until Thursday.
Tom and I took a ride to check out a campground in the area but were unsucessful in being able to get past the gates.  The remainder of the day has been spent watching football games.  We did go out to dinner later in the evening with 3 other couples.
Tomorrow we will pack up and go home.