Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Busy Time!!!

After arriving home on Good Friday of Easter weekend we found ourselves to be in a whirlwind. The yard had to be mowed, the house needed a little tiding up and we were expecting Todd, Beth, Parker and Gabby for dinner on Sunday. As with plans sometimes there needs to be an adjustment. Todd and Beth had had Beth's parents and brother at their house for a couple of days and found that they were behind in somethings that they had to get done so they did not come up on Sunday as planned. So after attending church services Sunday morning we went out to dinner at the Dobbin House in Gettysburg.
Monday Todd called and arranged for us to go down to their house on Tuesday to pick up Maddy (12 years old) and then over to the babysitter's to get Parker(2 years old). Maddy (on Spring break from school) and Parker were going to spend a couple of days with us. Parker had never spent a night away from home before so we didn't know what we were headed for. But other than being busy entertaining and going for doctor's appointments (Tom had an eye appointment with a procedure done to his eye and I had a regular appointment with the family doc) for the next couple of days all went well. Maddy was a big help with Parker and we had an enjoyable time. On Thursday, Todd came to the house with Gabby (5months old) and Anthony (12 years old) to visit and pick up Maddy and Parker. Anthony had been in New York with Beth's parents and Todd had just met them in Pa. to get Anthony before stopping at our house. Little Gabby had really grown since we last saw her at Christmas time so we had to fuss over her like grandparents do.
Friday morning we packed up the motorhome and took off once again but just for the weekend. This was our first campout with the Traveling Americans for this year. We camped at Old Mill Stream campground in Lancaster, Pa. Seven units were in attendence. Barb and Ed Perry and Tom and I hosted. It was a nice weekend- cool on Friday and then a little rain Saturday morning and then warmer temperatures. The only downside was that I apparently caught a bug somewhere and was not feeling very well and today Monday am still not feeling well.