Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10, 2011 Heading Home

Last night, Saturday, we enjoyed a show at the “New Barn” at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.  David Church was the main performer singing many songs much like the late Hank Williams.  His wife and granddaughter also did some singing.  The 2-plus hour show was very entertaining.

This morning we got back on the road again.  Larry and Joanne decided that they would stay out on the road a few more days so they went a different route from Tom and me.  Tom and I were going to return by the same route that we came to Kentucky although we would not be going up into Pennsylvania but across I-68 to I-70  through Maryland and onto home.  Tom has been teaching a computer class at the local Senior Center so we felt a need to get home in order to not have to cancel a second week of classes.  Tonight we are staying at the same campground, Bulltown campground of the Corps of Engineers on Burnsville Lake, we had stopped at last Monday.  This is a beautiful campground and it seems to have a high occupancy rate.  We drove around the grounds this evening and a little fawn complete with spots ran out in front of us.

Some thoughts about Renfro Valley-  We were surprised that the campgrounds were so empty.  We thought for sure that the weekend would bring in campers filling the sites- while there were a few more on the weekend there were many vacant sites.  The entertainment was very good.  Every day but Sunday there is a show with local performers.  The shows that we saw on Thursday and Friday are formatted differently but featured some of the same talented performers.   We had to question local folk about things to do during the day-there seemed to us  that there is a need for tourism promotion in this area.  We found that the prices in restaurants and the shops were very reasonable.  Prices for shows ranged from $12.00 to $25.00- Thursday’s show was $12.00, Friday’s was $15.00 and then the David Church show $25.00 on Saturday.   This area is in the pretty green mountainous area of Kentucky with locals that still talk with a southern twang- how wonderful that there are still parts of this country that has its own uniqueness.