Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June 1, 2011 Maryland Samboree

A week ago today, Wednesday, we left home and traveled the 25 miles to Frederick Fair Grounds in Frederick, Maryland for the Maryland Good Sam Samboree. We went in early to help getting things readied for the weekend. Woody and Linda Woodruff, members of the Traveling Americans, also came in on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon we walked around tables with pamphlets and trinkets filling the "goody bags" that are given to the Samboree attendees upon arrival. In the evening a group of about 12or more went to a local restaurant, Mountain View Diner, for dinner.
Thursday was arrival day for "early birds". We made a run to Sam's Club to pick up some items for ourselves. More of the Traveling Americans arrived on this day- Art and Joy Welsh, Bill and Rita Fordham, Bruce and Cricket McGinnis, and Ed and Barb Perry. In the evening our group walked across the street to the Moose Club for dinner. A husband and wife retired schoolteachers provided the entertainment in the evening. We won a door prize of a $25.00 gift certificate to Lohr's Diner.
Friday morning Tom, Bruce McGinnis, Bill Fordham and Ed Perry went to play a round of golf. So without husbands around the wives just spent a leisurely morning. In the afternoon Cricket, Rita and I joined a walking 2.5 hour tour of Frederick. We had taken a tour with a different tour guide once before that we felt had done a better job with keeping the tour moving but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. As we were headed back we passed an ice cream store, the 3 of us decided that we were leaving the tour at that point and stopping for a treat. As others saw what we were doing they also opted to make the stop. Returning back to the fair grounds the golfers had returned and then we went to a local diner within walking distance for dinner, Lohr's Diner, (we used our $25.00 gift certificate). Opening ceremonies were held in the evening in which Tom and I carried the Traveling American flag.
Saturday and Sunday we had various activities at the Samboree- flea market, a parade of sorts with folks dressing in costume according to the theme of "Nursery Rhymes", a Chinese auction and a few seminars and fewer vendors. Sunday morning there was a pancake breakfast which I got up early (6:15am) to help with the mixing of the pancake batter. Tom and I received patches for the Triboree (attending West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland Samborees) as well as a flower patch for attending 10Samborees. Patches are the awards given out by Good Sams. We have accumulated quite a few but have not decided just what to do with them. Most folks have vests that the patches are sewn onto and then worn at Samborees. Bill and Rita Fordham unfortunately received word that a family member had died causing them to leave on Sunday.
Monday morning was closing ceremonies and then we all departed scattering to all directions to home or elsewheres. We came home to a yard that needed to be mowed.
Again this week we will be home until the weekend and then we will be going camping with the Traveling Americans.