Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Preparing for the Derby

Our feet are itching to get out in the motorhome. We've spent a couple of weeks home and now it feels like its time to move again. We had a nice Easter Day with family. Todd, Beth and Parker and Larry and Joanne came to our house for the day. Parker had an Easter egg hunt and then kept Grandpa occupied outside much of the day.
From Easter 2011-04-24
Last weekend Tom and I went down to Todd and Beth's to be with Parker Saturday evening as they went to Richmond for the races. So we have gotten a pretty good grandparenting fix. We were sorry that Maddy and Anthony were not there but they had other family to be with.
This weekend we are going to the "derby", no not the Kentucky Derby. We are camping with our Traveling American group near Lancaster, Pa. and the theme is the Kentucky Derby. Saturday evening we are having a derby meal(a stew called Burgoo and I'm supplying the potatoes) and are to dress for the derby. This evening I made a hat to wear. I'm anxious to see the hats the other ladies will be wearing. Tom has located an appropriate hat for the occasion, also, but his lacks the charm of mine. The weekend should be especially nice for the ladies as Sunday is Mother's Day and the men are preparing the potluck breakfast. That seems only fair when the ladies do most of the fixing at the other times.