Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

On Friday, February 4th, Tom and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary.  We were expecting our mail to be delivered that day so we hung around the campground until the delivery was made by FedEx.  We then went about 30 miles south to the town of Sierra Vista for dinner at “My Big Fat Greek Restaurant”.  We had eaten at this restaurant last year with Larry and Joanne and decided to return to it.  It was every bit as enjoyable as we remembered.  The weather started to improve but still fell well below  freezing during the night.

Saturday we again went to the campground clubhouse for burgers at lunchtime.  The man that fixes these burgers really does a good job.  Our friend, Marti, joined us for lunch and shared the news that her husband, Drew, would be returning to Arizona next Saturday from Maryland.  Drew had been in Maryland working on their house and Marti was in Arizona helping her granddaughter with 2 little boys and a difficult pregnancy with twins.  The twins, girls, were born just prior to our arrival here.  Later in the evening we returned to the clubhouse for an evening of keyboard music for dancing and socializing.  Doug Miller, the keyboard player, is also the Facilities Manager for the campground and is good at both jobs.

Sunday morning Tom and I along with Marti attended church services and then went out for breakfast at the Horseshoe Café, Marti’s daughter works as a manager at this reatarant.  Nice breakfast- Tom had corned beef hash and said it was the best he thinks he has ever had, I had a piece of French toast, an egg and 2 pieces of bacon also very good.   Afterwards we returned to the campground, read the Sunday papers and then watched the Super Bowl on TV.  And Green Bay won!!!

Today, Monday, we went to Kartchner Caverns State Park located in the Benson area.  This cave was discovered in 1974.  There are 2 cave tours available, we chose the “Big Room” tour.  The tours are very restrictive about what one is able to take into the caves- no purses, cameras, backpacks, gum or food.  We were warned to not touch anything but the railing along the walkway and if we did to report it so it could be tagged.  After the park closes in the evening workers go through cleaning the tagged areas in order to preserve the cave.  I was surprised as to how warm the cave was, we had jackets on but once inside the cave it was so warm and humid that the jackets had to removed.  The cave was drier than most other caves I have been with only occasionally seeing some wet formations- this is because of the dryness of the area.  The tour guide was very knowledgeable as he also enjoys cave exploring.  We returned to the town of Benson stopping at a little Mexican restaurant for a late lunch before returning to the campground.   Today was the warmest day we’ve had with temperatures in the upper 60’s/ lower 70’s but it will drop down into the 30’s tonight. LV